Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cheshire Home

The Cheshire Home, Shatin was founded by the Hong Kong Cheshire Home Foundation in 1991 and is currently under the management of the Hospital Authority. It is an extended care hospital with 296 beds providing infirmary care for the severely disabled patients who need long-term treatment / care and infirmary patients from the Central Infirmary Waiting List.

With a staff of 172, the hospital provides services including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, social work service and X-ray. Speech therapy and dietetic service are also available. The home also provides mid-way accommodation for disabled residents to help them re-integrate into the community. There is also respite service for disabled people living with their families.

A homely environment is offered in the chalets with domestic appliances like washing machine, home furniture, etc. To enhance the patient's sense of belonging, residents of the Disabled Unit are encouraged to participate in the daily management of their own activities and livelihood. Residents whose conditions permit are helped to adjust back to living in the community.

Cheshire Home encourages patients to actively participate in community, recreational and religious activities run with the assistance of volunteers. Some residents are working in sheltered workshops.

"Activities of Daily Living Assessment & Training Room" was set up for preparing disabled persons re-integration into mainstream society. The physiotherapy satellite gymnasia were set up to enhance rehabilitation. Other facilities like outdoor activity ground, roof top garden and wheelchair training track allow more choices for patients' activities and exercise. Wireless nurse call system and ceiling hoist system were installed to enhance patient's safety and mobility. All patient toilets were renovated with upgraded facilities. More and more electrically operated beds are put in use by residents to enhance and encourage self-mobility.

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