Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Matilda International Hospital

Matilda Hospital was built as a result of the last will and testament of Granville Sharp, the husband of Matilda.

Originally from the UK, the couple travelled a long way, encountering many adventures along their way, before arriving in Hong Kong.

The hospital admitted its first patients in 1907, at that time providing free care to mainly expatriates. The original building, which is still in use today, is outstandingly beautiful, as is the hospital's location on "the Peak" on Hong Kong island.

In the past it was known as the Matilda Memorial & War Hospital, but nowadays, it has been renamed Matilda International Hospital, and is a not-for-profit hospital serving all the people of Hong Kong and the wider region. It provides four core services: maternity, surgical, health assessment and health services.

A new clinic was opened in the Central area of Hong Kong to mark the hospital's centenary celebration in 2007.

Matilda International Hospital maintains very high clinical, governance and educational standards, and is surveyed and accredited bi-annually by the Trent Accreditation Scheme of the United Kingdom, a major international healthcare accreditation group.


Scenes in the Oscar-winning movie, "", were filmed at the Matilda hospital.

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